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Good morning Humans. Once again, my sincere excuses for being late last week. Discussed it with my favourite human. Explained him (again) that I’m a cat thus a creature of habit. And that it would be very nice if he could respect my habits. He’s, in general doing it. But even the publication of my notebook is a habit for me. Something I like to happen every Monday and, if possible, at the same time. As usual, he could understand and promised to respect my wish.

So, notebook edition at the usual moment. Monday, around lunch time.

Back to actuality. It is spring. May I say finally? OK, yesterday was a day of spring like you want it to be. Warm and sunny, not that much wind. Nearly everything as it should be. Today, it’s cloudy, even raining from time to time. More wind and the temperatures are lower. But we are still in double figures.

Hunting is still a very unsuccessful endeavour. I haven’t yet caught a single mouse this year. Human still has to wait for his annual present. Just give me some time and the present will arrive.

Nature has woken up. Everything is green. Trees are no longer looking like skeletons. The flying food, aka birds, is singing. Although I prefer to eat them, it sounds nice.

They may start a bit later with their concert in the morning. But that would be just to do a pleasure to the human.

He spends finally more time in the garden. Gives me the opportunity to watch, supervise him. He’s not even complaining when I use his freshly dug beds as a toilet. Could be used as a fertiliser, although I’m a carnivore. Just try to stop me.

The rabbit and the guinea pigs have made their first trip to the garden. Even the wild ones are more and more active. You could see them daily in the field next to the house. Even sometimes in the garden.

The only animals that still haven’t left the safety of their hibernation are the turtles. They are still sleeping in the vegetable fridge in the basement. As soon as they are no longer in the fridge, winter is OVER.

In case you are wondering why they are in the fridge? Easy, constant temperature, non-interrupted hibernation. Apparently the turtles need a six-month hibernation. Quite easy to understand they are originating from Spain and Greece. They are used to other temperatures than the once we have here in Belgium. As soon as they leave the fridge summer is coming. Should happen when the ‘Frost saints’ are over, mid-May.

Reminds me a bit of the pure breed. He’s not officially hibernating, just moving even less than in spring and summer. According to the one who’s cleaning his indoor toilet, he’s using it less and less. There may still be hope that he becomes a real cat.

Photo is an older one and not one taken by the female photographer. Smartphone, done by my favourite human. But the photo sums up what we all are waiting for.

Ausone roof

See you next Monday




2 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Yup, spring is nice, isn’t it. Everything insects and flies is nothing for me. Let them get bigger and either furry or feathers and we have a deal. Insects that’s Rashid’s favourite prey. He especially likes grashoppers and spiders. Maybe because they are a bit crunchy. I, on the other hand, mice, rats and moles. Although moles I can’t recommend. Horrible to catch and then what ? They are just to furry. But a nice mouse, that’s something exquisite as they say here in the french speaking world..


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