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Hello humans. It’s Monday and here I am. Sorry for being a bit late. But my secretary was a bit busy this morning. So he neglected his duties a bit. Not that he was doing nothing, he just took the decision that there are other things more important.

Not that he was doing nothing; He played Jeeves this morning. Cleaning the kitchen. I’ve already heard that this afternoon he will switch roles and will then play Anatole. In case, you’re wondering. P.G.Wodehouse ? Jeeves, Bertie Wooster’s gentleman’s gentleman. And Anatole the French cook of Aunt Dahlia. He won’t cook for me. Easy, I don’t eat cooked food. So he will cook for Milady (and for himself). The pure breed, Rashid, always wants to know what the humans are eating. Knowing is understandable but Rashid’s knowing means ion general tasting. So he’s begging. Something that a well-educated cat won’t do. Not that I would neglect once or twice a year a bit of cheese. But I’m certainly not begging.

Looks like I’m again at one of my favourite topics. The differences between the pure breed and me. In the end, dear humans, it’s not the differences between a pure breed and a mix. It’s the difference between two individuals. Every cat is different than any other cat. In these things that the humans call dictionary, there should be a photo of a cat, when they are talking about individuality.

To give you a more precise example let’s just look at the differences between Rashid and me. Rashid’s the pure breed, in case you can’t remember.

Preferred places to sleep 1.during the day 2.during the night:

During the day Rashid NEEDS to be as close as possible to the humans and me, I prefer to be left alone. During the night, we change. I like to be as close as possible to my favourite human. Rashid just wants a place to sleep. If it’s not too cold, during winter he needs the warmth of Milady.


You can’t or shan’t call it begging. BUT as soon as the female eats something, Rashid wants to know what and if possible wants his part. Even if it’s chocolate. As already said, me – never.


Rashid needs a toilet at home. He even leaves the house for a stroll and comes back to use the toilet. Me ? Interior toilet only in case of emergency.

Preferred food:

Rashid, wet and certainly nothing wild. Dry food only in emergency or if he doesn’t like the wet food at the moment. Me ? At home, wet food not that often, in general dried food. But, if possible, mice, birds, something caught by myself.


Rashid doesn’t have the slightest idea what that means. I’m not that bad at it.


Let’s just say even Rashid is a cat. And one thing we have to have in common.

You see, cats are individuals.

Photo as usual taken by Milady. See you next Monday. Hopefully, a bit earlier if my human won’t neglect his duties again.

Ausone box

Yes, cats love boxes




2 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny here: The small human came for a visit over Easter. She has been TOLD to stroke me ‘head to tail’, so what did she do? Grab handfuls of fur. I was SO good..I didn’t bite, although I was tempted! Reward: a lot of cheese. I don’t beg either. So demeaning. I just sit very very close and stare. Currently on top of the wardrobe – favourite sleeping place until 8pm when I move to the underfloor heating pipe on the landing.

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  2. Hi Kitteny, no small humans here. The neighbours have 2 kids but they have their own cat. So they know who to stroke cats. Although I am quite open and friendly with most humans. They haven’t yet tried to stroke me. Humans still have a fire in the evening so you could guess where I am when I’m not supervising my kingdom. Just havce to share space with the pure bred…. Worse than a small human


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