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Good morning humans.

Ah, it’s spring. At least on the calendar. 4° C and raining this morning. That’s not what I prefer, not at all.

OK, but it’s spring; the days are as long now as the nights. Nature will awake. And I could spend my days hunting. Could ! But not when everything is wet. Weather forecast says temperatures are rising. A bit. 10°, we won’t complain, at least not for the moment.

Days getting longer will have a certain influence on my relation with my favourite human. I may have already told you, I’m a so-called ‘crepuscular hunter’. I hunt at sundown and at sunrise. It’s getting thus later in the evening and earlier in the morning. Bad luck for you, my human. You should be used to it by now. And don’t forget it’s not my choice; it’s nature. I hunt when the prey is out. Let’s say I may prefer to let you sleep in. But when nature is calling, you have to reply.

What else ? Not many birds, just the local magpies, doves and pheasants. I do my best to ignore them. They are just too big for me. The mole’s already quite active in the garden. You should listen to my human complaining. I don’t hunt them. Their fur is just too thick for me. Caught one some years ago. But what will you do with it. It’s just a tube of fur with large paws in front. Prefer mice. That’s my taste. OK, not all taste the same. There are some I just eat the head. In general the only leftovers you will find are some internal organs and the tail.

Not even I am eating everything. And I don’t hunt grasshoppers. I’m not the pure bred.

You may have realized I’m quite looking forward to the hunting season. To be honest I need something tasty between my teeth, something wild. Hunt a bit, just to see if the instincts are still there. Winter is just boring….

And to steal a bit from Monty Python.

“And now for something completely different”

  1. Yesterday my human and the female were at the local, annual cooking celebration. “Tables du Monde”, Representing Milady’s home country France this year. Cooking was as expected vegetarian, “Quenelles sauce Provencale”. They spent the whole Saturday in the kitchen. And having seen them return, I guess it must have been a success. You may find some photos on my humans Facebook page. As expected there was one downside. I was sleeping when they left. When I awoke the doors were closed. And I had to stay inside. We might discuss this a bit. I need my freeedom for heavens sake.
  2. This is the 25th edition of my Notebook and I’m wondering if this may be a reason to celebrate ? I’m still not convinced if there are people who like my ranting. But you’ll never know. At least 25 ranting. One ranting a week. We have some consistency, a habit if you prefer. And I can promise you one thing, I won’t stop.

The weekly photo was, as usual by now, taken by Milady. She got some talent.

Ausone PAW

See you next Monday




4 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny says: so THERE you are Ausone..I was waiting for you. Isn’t the sunshine…sunshiny? Love it….I am working on my early morning wake up call: prowl >>prowl.>>JUMP>>>YELL IN EAR….repeat until she gets up and lets me out. 6 am is a lovely time in the garden. Lots of little small flying dinners to terrify and holes to be dug. I love Spring!

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  2. Good morning. Today it looks, smells and sounds like spring. And it’s not raining. Longer morning walk. Getting up my human is a question of training. (vomiting noises help a lot). Unfortunately he knows me too. Not everything is still working…We still have time for a refresher course


    1. This is how you do it, Ausone… pad..pad..pad down the corridor. Enter bedroom. Pause. LAUNCH yourself onto foot end of human. MIAOW loudly. Walk SLOWLY up human body, miaowing. Reach shoulder. Pause.Miaow. Jump off. REpeat procedure. After 7 times, they get the message. Make sure you accompany them downstairs, reminding them why they have got up (they may get distracted by coffee pot). Stand by back door, miaowing. Sorted.

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  3. Let’s say. If it works for you it’s good. Won’t work for me. Here’s what works for me. Lie next to your human the more direction head the better. Use more and more space (long legs help). If human won’t react start 1. purring 1b. kneeding with paws without use of claws 1c add claws 2.miaows if neither 1 nor 2 works. Try to make preparation sounds for vomiting (works 100% !)


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