Ultra Trail Aldeias do Xisto #UTAX 2016 – Race Images and Summary

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The Aldeias do Xisto Ultra Trail, offers a series of races that is all encompassing with six races on offer: Da Inclusivo, Kids, Mini-Trail Do Xisto, Trail Do Xisto, TSL and the main event, the UTAX (the largest event in the territories of the Shist Villages) which is 110km’s in length, has 5300m of vertical gain and a 26-hour cut-off time for the participants.

Go Outdoor are embracing the rise and demand in the sport of trail and theAstral®series reflect this!

A breakdown of the events is as follows:

▪UTAX – 110 Km

▪TSL – 50 Km

▪TX – 22 Km

▪MTX – 10 Km

▪Axtrail Kids – For kids with 6 to 16 years old

▪Axtrail Inclusion – For people with reduced mobility.

This year the UTAX race started in Miranda do Corvo, in the Plaza José Falcão, this was also the…

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