…Authors, if Music be the tipple of thought, what’s yours?…

And again I’m reblogging something from Scotland, kind of at least. He’s just TOO good…

Seumas Gallacher

…most of the time when I’m writing, be it this ‘ere Blog, or, Heaven forfend, cracking on with my latest crime thriller Work-In-Progress, I’m impervious to whatever’s going on around me… the television can be babbling away with talking heads from the abysmal SKYNews studios… a football match with the mandatory commentating ‘know-NUTHIN’ nutters and attendant baying of assorted crowds may be in full flow… nearby construction works with pile-driving machines going ten-to-the-dozen-gazillion-decibel levels can try their worst… none of that gets through… I know of some scribblers who need absolute solitude… silence (was that butterfly making breathing sounds!) imperative… not so this ol’ Scots Jurassic… but there are times when I consciously listen to sounds that my psyche occasionally invites in while the Muse has me in ‘creative mode’… the choice of music may vary from time to time, but when I sense the desire  to find that…

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