Ausone’s Notebook instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats

Hello humans. It’s Monday and I’m back again.

And this time we will talk about the boring subject: The weather.

So it’s cold outside, the weather forecast was at least kind of precise. Temperatures are below zero. There is at least one thing positive. For the moment and maybe for the next coming days, it is and will be dry. Cold but dry. As I’ve told you last week this isn’t a big problem for me. I’ve my two layers of fur. Temperatures slightly below zero aren’t a problem. Not that I particularly like it, but I can live with it. I spent more time than usual at home. Anyway I prefer temperatures a bit higher.

In the end why should I leave the house ?

Toilet ? We could speed it up when it’s cold. The interior one I’m using only in case of emergency. Not like the pure blood.

Reading my messages ? Doesn’t take that long. And when it’s cold I could do it even faster than in summer. In case you did not get what this means ? If we are marking our territory we are sending a message to those who are able to read it. Something in the direction of. This is my area. So please, get lost !

But as the possible intruders are in general cats who aren’t allowed to be in my area. There aren’t that many in winter. They stay at home, too. (If they can, that said.)

Hunting ? Although mice aren’t hibernating. Even they stay in the warmth of their burrows. Most of the time at least. Thus hunting would be mostly waiting in the cold. Not something I would recommend.

Yes, it could be boring staying at home doing nothing. Just lying, sleeping in front of the fire. I could do this for a long time Not as long as the pure blood, mind you. But I could spend hours in the warmth.

Does my nutrition change in the winter ? Naturally, I’m eating a bit more if I could. Being in the cold takes energy. Energy needs to be replaced. Thus I’m eating a bit more. For those who are wondering. No, I don’t have any problems with my weight. I’m still slim and quite ‘sportive’ so to say.

Let us be honest. I do prefer warmer times but winter is necessary for nature. I am not complaining about nature. About humans, but not about nature. Even if I (or we) don’t understand the sense behind anything. There is some sense. Nature knows what nature’s doing. So, if nature decides there’s a winter. We cope with it. We don’t have to like it. But we have to live with it. And to not forget: How could you appreciate spring and summer if there wasn’t a winter.

Today’s photo was already published yesterday on Twitter. Me in front, the pure blood is in the back. The fire is on the right. The foot, you can see, is none of your business.

cats in font of fire

See you next Monday. I’m cold I’m going back to bed.


2 thoughts on “Ausone’s Notebook instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats

  1. Response posted by Kitteny Hedges: 2 yr old Tortie/Siamese…owns Carol Hedges: So …you are lucky, my friend. They MADE me go out here. MADE ME! Mind, I only stayed there for 30 seconds. I mean, wet paws? No way. Re: the food. I am trying to make them feed me slightly more. It is cold. OK, I’m not going out, but it’s the principle.And the food. Managed to scoff some cheese last night while they weren’t looking. Oh yes. More of this in future.Am now going to retire to top of wardrobe to contemplate life for a few hours. Sleeping? EXCUSE ME!.

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  2. Dear Kitten, there is one tiny little difference between you and me. You are 2 years old and me I am 12. I’ve already trained my humans. You need some patience and then you can handle these situations with just one look at your humans. Believe me it might take some time but it will work. Don’t forget your feline. You know how the handle humans. Just use all the ‘weapons’ you have. Noise, looks and if none of it will work. Using a bit your claws works wonders sometimes, but don’t exxagerate. The claws should only be used on special occasions. Yes I need more sleep. Why leaving the house when it’s cold. Fortunately it’s dry, no snow, no rain. But the hunting ground is covered in frost. Disgusting. Be strong you’re a cat Ausone


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