11 Signs of an Author Crush #bookaddict #writer #author

Fandom when you’re of age


There are some authors out there who you just connect with. Their writing whisks you off to a magical place in your head. They write wonderful books, create beautiful worlds and in your eyes must walk on water in their spare time.

You think they are amazing and often find yourself wondering whether you are experiencing an author crush.

Here are some tell-tale signs of an author crush:

  1. You have read all of your author’s books (even their first novel which was dire but in your eyes it was a literary masterpiece) and you know each one inside out (key scenes and page numbers).
  2. Quoting key phrases from their books to loved ones, work colleagues and passing strangers is something you do in everyday life.
  3. You talk about their books in such granular detail you sound like you were the one who wrote them.
  4. You hold the belief that they…

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