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Hello humans. It’s Monday and here I am again.

What could or should I tell you today ? As usual, I have not the slightest idea what you are expecting. If you are expecting something, that said.

On one hand this gives me all the liberty I could hope for. On the other, I have to produce something out of my own mind. And as I’m a cat, I don’t take orders. Propositions, but not orders.

So what to talk about today; The weather ? Boring, but at least not dangerous. My diet ? I’m a cat, I eat every day the same. This morning’s news ? Sad, they were. David Robert Jones died. Which means at least we know the radio programming for today and for Sunday morning.

My humans were talking about it this morning. The female is (or was) a fan of David Bowie. The male one has a problem with fandom. Maybe just with the word. If I understood him right.

The other cat ? Did that last week, just so much he’s sleeping even more when it’s colder outside. As soon as the fire is lit, he’s in front of it. Leaving his place only in case of emergency.

The other animals in the house ? Nope, were not the only ones. There’s a rabbit in the basement. A guinea pig that the female took in pension (No one knows for how long.) I’m hunting neither one of these. They are family. You don’t eat family. And the rabbit is a bit too big and much too in your face for me. Every time, out of curiosity, I visit the place in the basement where she lives. She’s sniffing my behind. I don’t really like that. There are three turtles hibernating in the vegetable fridge in the cave. If it’s summer they are in their park on the outside. But to be honest, I don’t care, they are just boring.

Even if it’s a boring subject I’m afraid we have to talk a bit about the weather.

Due to the forecast it will be getting colder in the next days. Although PETA is against wearing fur, I am wearing fur. And I don’t think that PETA has a problem with it. I’m a cat. Though there are naked cats, either an error of nature or, again, human idiocy. Breeding naked cats because some humans are allergic against our fur. We are not breeding non-violent humans. So why are you breeding naked cats ?

Back to the topic, it will be getting colder. If it’s not raining I don’t care. As I’ve already said I got my fur. Not only that it’s protecting me against the cold. To a certain amount it’s protecting me against the rain. The only problem is the combination. If I should be getting really wet and there is a cold wind. I might have a problem, I could get seriously ill. I’m not an idiot. If it happens that we have both (cold and wet) I stay mostly at home, in front of the fire with the Siamese. This might be getting boring.

Humans remember cold and wet is not good for us cats.

To finish my weekly message to you.

The female took a long photo session with me; not that I liked it. I’m not a model. But there are some new photos of mine. Enjoy one of them, the others might follow.

Ausone pays attention

See you next week




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