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Hello humans, Monday and guess what I’m back !

Today I’d like to tell you something about social interactions among cats. And we will see where this will lead us. Hopefully, there will be something in it for you.

Humans have two favourite pets. On one hand dogs, on the other cats. There is a difference in social behaviour of these two animals.

Dogs are animals that live in a group called a pack. They have a structure in their group. Some are leaders, others are followers. Coming down from their ancestors: wolves. Among wolves, only the leader of the pack is allowed to mate, just as an example.

Cats, on the other hand, don’t give a f… about social structures. In the wild male and female cats only meet for mating. After the ‘wedding night’ they separate. Each one going his own way. The female gives live to the kittens, educates them for 6 months. After six month mother and her kitten separate. And the mother is ready for another wedding.

This does not mean at all that cats can’t live in a group. Cats can. We just don’t care about rules. We do not accept a superior. We just don’t need that. Our social structure is more something like: you are you and me is me. I don’t bother you and you don’t bother me. And all is fine.

As an example: I’ve already told you that my human liberated me from a shelter. Where cats have to live in a group, not enough place to live our lives separately. Therefore, I call it a prison.

When I arrived at my human, I was the one and only cat for several years. In 2009 the female found a pure breed on the web that a family had (wanted) to give away. She took this cat.

So, Habibou arrived on the scene. Bibou was a pure breed Siamese suffering from feline coryza. He was living for several years with a family in Brussels. Who never vaccinated him, therefore he had this sickness.

I never had any problems with this guy. He was calm, friendly, very attached to human company. Wasn’t hunting at all, when leaving the house he stayed in the garden. He never even tried the field next to the garden. I once offered him a mouse. He didn’t care. After eighteen months he succumbed to his illness. I even missed him and spent a day or two mourning on his grave.

The female human who was the official owner (still makes me laugh) of Bibou took a break of six months before she was ready to take another cat.

Entry Rashid !

What to say about Rashid ? He’s another pure breed Siamese. He doesn’t have an illness (maybe a mental one but who am I to judge). He’s more active. He leaves the house daily like I do. He’s extremely attached to the humans. Wherever they are he’s too, especially the female one. He has the quite idiotic habit to always wanting to sniff on my paws when I return from a stroll. He even tries to steal my prey when I arrive with a freshly caught mouse. OK, he has no idea what to do with a mouse besides playing with it. Nevertheless, he tries to steal them. Most of the time in vain. If the humans happen to be not at home he’s attached to me.

He has, at least, one positive point.

If the local bully is trying to start a fight with me, Rashid intervenes. Why ? I’ve no idea, but I guess I would do the same for him.


We cats don’t need a pack. If we have one, we’ll adapt. But the main point stays. We can live happy on our own. Be friendly to us and we will be friendly to you.

Rashid (2).JPG

See you next week




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