The Lonely Potato Head #Blog Battle #comedy #flashfiction

Am I a potatohead ?


Marvin, the potato head, smiled at the ping sound from his Twitter account.

Cyril the Evil Clown was right, female potato heads loved his tweets about being a lonely potato head looking for love.

His Twitter account was awash with re-tweets and likes. His new dating plan was starting to take shape.

Female potato heads wanted to reach out to him and shower him with #poorpotatohead #staystrongpotatohead #hotpotatohead hashtags.

He was now a couple of tweets away from securing a date.

In his (plastic) eyes his ex-girlfriend Barbie was now history. According to Cyril the Evil Clown she was sat tearfully watching all his tweets getting re-tweeted, quoted and liked.

Cyril the Evil Clown was right as Barbie would soon regret ending their relationship.

He was so grateful for Cyril the Evil Clown’s friendship and guidance during this testing time. It had been like a special gift to him.


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