50 Classics Challenge

Some further information about my reading list.

In general, I try to read the books in the original language. If I’m capable. English; French and German I’m conversationally fluent, neither Spanish nor Russian I speak good enough to read in. Tolstoy and Cervantes, I have to read thus in English.  One of the Dan Brown books, the first Harry Potter and Ulysses are in German and already in my library. Won’t buy them in English.

Some of the books are on my Kindle app. So I can read them either on my Smartphone or on my laptop. The majority will be read on the laptop.

Phone only in exceptional circumstances.

The list is in alphabetical order. Which does by no means state the order I will read them? Two of the Jane Austen books won’t be read in 2016. I’ve read them just recently.

Buch mit Brille

Some of the books are frightening; in the sense of: they might be a lot of work to read. Ulysses, War and Peace, Meditations.

Some of (nearly all of) the German classics I had to read in school. The memories for the majority of them aren’t that good. Vivisection of books I just don’t like and that’s what we did with them in school.

Do I look forward to the challenge? You bet. Reading Werther without being forced to do so can’t be bad.

Will I like all of them ? We will see.

Will my published criticism of the books meet my sense of perfection ? I hope but doubt. My Goodreads comments I’m not yet proud of. Looks like I have to do a bit of research about acceptable criticism for a book. The hint(s) on the classics club site are (is): Three paragraphs and that’s it. We will see what I will be capable of.

I will certainly not use a five-star rating system. If I would it might be necessary to give half points. Don’t like that, guess I will just try a 1 to 10 rating. With 1 complete waste of time to 10 pure perfection. ‘Der Name der Rose’ will be the example for a 10. Know it already it will be the fifth time I’m reading it. (You just can’t get away from what you want to write about, you can’t)

I still have absolutely no idea with which one I will start the journey. First I have to finish the two I’m reading at the moment.

Might start with something short in German. Lessing, ‘Nathan der Weise’ ? Dürrenmatt ‘Romulus der Grosse’ would be more fun.

On the app it will be  ‘The life and opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman’

And now, Ladies and Gentleman start your engines


2 thoughts on “50 Classics Challenge

  1. I would LOVE to be fluent enough ot read in the original languages…I love Henning Mankell but sometimes feel the weight of the translation lies heavily over the narrative. Ditto Poetry ..which I think suffers even more from translator’s blight. You bi,tri lingual people have my undying admiration. You do. Precis.


    1. When I was still only bi (1 and a half) reading what was made me become more fluent in English. Tri was just Milady who stopped talking in any other language to me than her mother tongue. Had to take the decision to either learn French or get lost. Learned French


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