50 classics reading list

I recently stumbled upon something nice and intriguing.

This: https://theclassicsclubblog.wordpress.com/how-to-join/

Decided to join and create my list. Will start this adventure first of January 2016 and with 50 classics to read (and some of them a bit longer) I set my end date to the 31st December 2019.

Here’s the list, my classics. A lot of them are books that I read the first time in school (mostly German Classics) and some new ones that I never touched before. Looks like an interesting adventure. Some are in English, some in German and some in French. e are books on my Kindle app and p are real books from my collection.

1 Aurel Marc Meditations eng e
2 Austen Jane Mansfield Park eng e
3 Austen Jane Pride and Prejudice eng p
4 Austen Jane Sense and Sensibility eng p
5 Baudelaire Charles Les Fleurs du Mal fra e
6 Brecht Bertolt Leben des Gallilei ger p
7 Bronté Emily Wuthering Heights eng e
8 Brown Dan Illuminati ger p
9 Brown Dan The Da Vinci Code eng p
10 Cervantes Miguel de Don Quixote eng e
11 Conrad Joseph The Heart of Darkness eng e
12 Daudet Alphonse Lettres de mon moulin fra p
13 Defoe Daniel The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe eng e
14 Dickens Charles A Tale of Two Cities eng p
15 Dickens Charles Bleak House eng p
16 Dickens Charles Great Expectations eng p
17 Dumas Alexandre Les Trois Mousquetaires fra p
18 Dürrenmatt Friedrich Die Physiker ger p
19 Dürrenmatt Friedrich Romulus der Grosse ger p
20 Eco Umberto Baudolino ger p
21 Eco Umberto Der Name der Rose ger p
22 Frisch Max Andorra ger p
23 Goethe Johann W. Von Die Leiden des jungen Werther ger p
24 Goethe Johann W. Von Faust Der Tragödie erster teil ger p
25 Hesse Hermann Der Steppenwolf ger p
26 Joyce James Dubliners eng e
27 Joyce James Ulysses ger p
28 Kipling Rudyard The Man who would be King eng e
29 Lessing Gotthold Ephraim Nathan der Weise ger p
30 Macchiavelli Niccolo The Prince eng p
31 Pagnol Marcel La gloire de mon père fra p
32 Remarque Erich Maria Im Westen nichts Neues ger p
33 Rowling J.K. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets eng p
34 Rowling J.K. Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows eng p
35 Rowling J.K. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire eng p
36 Rowling J.K. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince eng p
37 Rowling J.K. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix eng p
38 Rowling J.K. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban eng p
39 Rowling J.K. Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen ger p
40 Schiller Friedrich Wallenstein ger p
41 Schiller Friedrich Wilhelm Tell ger p
42 Scott Sir Walter Ivanhoe eng e
43 Shakespeare William Macbeth eng p
44 Stern Laurence The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman eng e
45 Stevenson Robert Louis Treasure Island eng e
46 Tolstoj Leo War and Peace eng p
47 Twain Mark Life on the Mississippi eng e
48 Verne Jules Around the World in 80 Days eng e
49 von Horvath Ödön Jugend ohne Gott ger p
50 Wilde Oscar The Picture of Dorian Gray eng p

2 thoughts on “50 classics reading list

  1. I’m glad you decided to join in. That’s an interesting list – I’ve read the books by Jane Austen, Bronte and a couple by Dickens, too. Have fun with your reading!


  2. Thanks for the comment. Hopefully will be an interesting journey. A lot of the German ones I read the last time 35 years ago in school. And hated most of them. Especially Nathan der Weise. I’ve made the mistake of reading it before it was a topic in school. When it was, they killed the book


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