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Hello humans, it’s Monday the annoying cat is back.

If I can remember it right I promised you last week to write something more positive today.

Let me tell you one thing. The task wasn’t an easy one. But promises are to be kept.

I was thinking the whole week what I could tell you positive about you humans.

I could have composed a two thousand word eulogy about my human companion. Neither do I think that might interest someone nor would I get him to write it.

Just some words: He’s trying to treat cats as cats and that’s all you could ask for.

So, something positive about humans.

You give us shelter and you feed us. OK, I’ve already complained about the food; It’s edible, but let’s be honest in the wild we don’t eat beef. They’re just too big to hunt for us.

If you happen to have the idea of sharing your life with a cat.

Some hints:


Get your cat from a shelter. There are really enough of us. No need for a breeder.


How to take a cat from a shelter (I’ve been there, I know what I’m talking about)?

Make your mind up before what you want. Male or female. Young or not so young. Long hair or short hair. That’s everything. Let the cats in the shelter do the rest. Go with an open mind and let yourself be chosen by one of us. We know if it will match or not. Don’t rule out any colour of our fur. It’s just like the cloth you humans wear. And you won’t choose your human life partner by the colour of the cloths he or she is wearing. For a cat the colour of fur has absolutely nothing to do with the character.


A cat from a shelter won’t cost you an arm or a leg. In general you just have to pay for the vaccination.


As we are living, breathing, sentient beings. We are not an object of decoration. NO, WE ARE NOT. We are not just there to decorate.

We need: Food, affection, regular medicals.

No, we are not getting too old for playing. If we want to, we play. At any age and with everything we might find. This means we might possibly destroy something. Not that we do this on purpose, it just could happen.


Yes there are differences between pure breeds and mixtures. Pure breeds are in general a lot more fragile than mixtures. This could mean higher medical costs and a shorter life span.


How old can we get ? Depends. A normal life expectancy for a cat will be something between ten and fifteen years. But we could become much older with a good treatment. The oldest known cat died at the age of thirty-eight. Yes, you’re reading right 38. The oldest still living at the moment is twenty-five.

So, if you take one of us from a shelter six months old. It could happen that you spent the next twenty-five years of your life with him or her.


Not all of us need to go out. Some of us do some of us don’t. I DO. First thing in the morning, every morning


If we stay at home we need a toilet. A clean toilet. If the toilet is not clean enough we show you. You might not like our way of showing you. But you will react !

Don’t put our food near our toilet. You don’t eat on the loo neither, aren’t you ?


If we hide somewhere there are two possibilities: Either we just want to be left alone or we want to play. Your job to figure out which one.


You see it’s easy with us. We are right you are wrong. Learn that by heart and life with us is easy.

Was this positive enough ?

See you next week

Ausone roof



Before I forget it, Merry Christmas


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