Sahnelauch, Champignons, Kartoffel Steckrüben Puffer #vegetarian

One week without cooking leaves a lot from the veggie box in the fridge. That’s what I found and what inspired me.

Potato swede puffers, cream leek and mushrooms.

The puffers or fritters are called Rievkooche in Cologne and are normally fried and served with applesauce. In other parts of Germany they are called either Reibekuchen, Reiberdatschi (Bavaria) or Kartoffelpuffer.

If you cook the potatoes before you will have the Swiss version Rösti.

potato swede fritters 1


Ingredients :

Cream leek

250 g leek

0.1 l cream


Nutmeg, pepper



200 g mushrooms (champignon)


Pepper, dried garlic


Swede potato puffer

200g swede

200g potatoes

2 eggs

Corn flour

Pepper, salt




-clean the leek, cut into halves lengthwise and then into half a centimetre slices

-heat a bit butter in a pot

-let steam the leek for several minutes, salt slightly,

-supervise the quantity of liquid in the pot, add if necessary

-season with pepper and nutmeg

-add the cream and let reduce to desired consistency

-keep warm until serving

  1. mushrooms

-clean the mushrooms (don’t use water to clean!)

-heat butter in a pan

-add mushrooms

-season with garlic and pepper

-keep warm

3.Swede potato puffer

-peel swede and potatoes

-grate both

-put in a bowl, add eggs and cornflower,

-season with pepper and salt


-heat oil in a pan

-with a spoon add some of the mixture, flatten with spoon

-let bake on one side till getting slightly brown

-turn and finish baking on the other side

-keep warm till serving (oven at 70 °)


  • a heap of leek
  • -mushrooms to the side
  • -two puffers on top

potato swede fritters 2

Bon appètit


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