Mashed potatoes with spicy carrots #vegetarian

You have to cook with what you find in your vegetable box. Late autumn, early winter the choice is in general cabbage, potatoes, leek. Kind of boring but that’s the down side of seasonal cooking.

Milady spent Sunday with the personal of the animal park she’s volunteering for. An organised visit to the Zoo of Rotterdam. So she spent the day in the cold and needed something to warm up when she finally came home. Suited me fine !

Ingredients :

Mashed potatoes

-400g potatoes (peeled and cut in bit size cubes)

-0.1l milk (slightly heated)


-fresh ground nutmeg


Spicy carrots

-small onion cut into tiny bits (the tinier the better)

-500g carrots (cut into thin slices)

-0.25 l vegetable broth

-2 leaves Japanese mustard a leafy green ! (mizuna not wasabi !) cut into stripes

-Olive oil

-cumin, ginger (if you want a bit of wasabi)

-salt, pepper


Mashed potatoes spicy carrots 1


Mashed potatoes

+bring the potatoes to a boil, covered with salted water and let boil for 20 minutes

+when potatoes ready strain (potatoes should stay in the pot)

+put the pot back on the oven and let excess water evaporate (you can hear that)

+put potatoes in a bowl

+put the milk in the pot, pot back on the oven if your stove is electric use the resting heat to heat up the milk (should be a bit more than warm, cooking not necessary)

+mash the potatoes, add the nutmeg

+put bits of better on the potatoes, pour the heated milk over the potatoes

+whisk till your desired texture (by hand, electric could create a glue like texture, not fluffy as it should be)

+verify seasoning


+heat 1tsp of olive oil in a pot put in the onions and let them get soft without taking colour

+add the carrots, stir and salt slightly

+cover the pot, reduce the heat to medium

+with the cover you should produce enough moisture in the pot to let the carrots steam for 10 minutes

+season with cumin, stir

+add the broth and let simmer

+add the mizuna

+to have your preparation a bit more spicy, you can heat it up now. Either just with ginger (dried) or with wasabi (as hot as you like it !)

+ stir in some cold butter to get the liquid more creamy and serve as hot as possible

+to add something a bit crunchy you could sprinkle some fried onbions on top of the preparation

Mashed potatoes spicy carrots 2

Should serve 2 to 4 depending on the appetite

Bon appétit



The mizuna (it belongs to the brassica family (like cabbage)) is mostly for decorative purpose

Prepare as spicy as you like (or as you can eat). After spending a day in the cold, the spicier the better


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