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Hi, the annoying cat is back.

Yes, I’m still pissed. But I will rant less today. At least I hope, no guarantee, sorry.

Just one thing about the event of Friday the 13th and the aftermath.

The Belgian government raised their security level for Bruxelles to four last Friday. Rest of the country stays at level three. For sure this was announced on the radio. I don’t get it. What’s the purpose of this announcement ?

If the purpose is to catch the terrorists. Then announcing over the radio what you’re doing against them is maybe not the most intelligent idea. If everything is secured in Bruxelles. The terrorists will wait till it’s no longer secured. And then they will do something.

The measures should have been taken since last January, remember “I’m Charlie”. There are two possibilities

1. Security measures serve nothing

2. Measures weren’t taken since January. Someone hasn’t done his job.

Will there be any consequences ? I guess you know the answer to this question.

Now back to spirituality.

Yes, humans believe it or not. We animals are spiritual beings. This won’t mean we are believing in a god being. We’re not like you. We simply believe in nature. That everyone, everything is created equal and has his purpose. Cats, dogs, mice, plants, trees, the grass, insects, water. Everything. Everything has its place, his purpose and without one of these things there will be something missing. Nature is the most powerful force on this planet. Something that you are trying to destroy, by the way. But believe me, you won’t succeed. Earth will defend itself.

You can’t live against Earth, you can’t live against nature. One day you will have to pay the price for it. If you’re trying to destroy the planet. Nature will defend itself. And in the long run, you loose.

As I’ve said it already. If you need the image of a good-being to believe in the force of nature. That’s fine; call it like you want to. Just don’t forget. Nature is stronger than you are. Always was and always will.

You see, in parts you have replaced your beliefs in a god-being by believing in money or ‘the market’.

Honestly, does that serve you something. Does money make you happy ? In the long run ?

A sunset can make you happy or a sunrise. Even a summer rain. Competition doesn’t make you happy. Even if you win. It doesn’t make you happy. At least not in the long run.

My human is trying to live mindful, live in the moment.

Multitasking ? You will tell me that you are capable of doing two things 100 % at the same time ? Stop dreaming. It’s not possible. You can only have 100% not 200%. 100% equals all, everything.

Just take a look at a cat hunting. What does a cat do while he’s hunting ?

Nothing but hunting ! 100% hunting.

What does a cat do when he’s eating, he (or she) eats. A cat’s not reading the paper while eating. It’s 100% eating.

Cats are living in the moment. It’s now that matters. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is not yet there. And we will see what that brings.

Respect nature with all that’s living there. Everything is needed on this planet.


Yes, even annoying Siamese cats.

See you next Monday.



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