Ausone’s notebook, 7th instalment #amwriting #cat #MondayBlogs

Monday, I’m back.
Humans I’m getting grumpy with all the crap you’re doing. The idea was to continue last weeks post about spirituality. But you’ve changed that.
Saturday morning I was supervising my human, reading Twitter.
What I had to read there was kind of making me loose my faith in human intelligence.
First there was one guy claiming
‘All Muslims are terrorists’.
Does he know all Muslims on the planet ? How would he react if someone would claim
‘All Americans are members of the KKK’ ?
Sure there are terrorists who claim to be Muslims. Does this make all Muslims terrorists ?

Then there was an American lady, apparently a defender of G.W.Bush. She was claiming that America could wipe out ISIS and that the democratic party of the US is responsible that this is not happening.
Dear Lady, defending G.W.Bush is crazy enough. But then claiming that America could wipe out ISIS ? This makes me doubt your mental sanity. You can remember the images of Bush on an American ship, claimingMission completed”. Which mission if I may ask ? Winning the war on terror ? You can’t win a war on terror. Just have a look at the casualties, only American. Before the statement and after. You could even include all those who died in the twin towers, those in the pentagon and those on that American Airlines flight. There are still more who were killed after the “Mission completedstatement from your, using the words of Michael Moore, so-called president than before
And don’t forget we’re only talking about American casualties. Not your so-called collateral damage. How many innocent have died since your mission is completed
And you’re wondering that you have terrorists ? Just look what you were (and are) doing in Iraq. Ever heard the words Abu Ghraib ? Guantanamo ?

You have (kind of) legalized torture. And you think you’re different than terrorists ?

You had a reason besides oil ? An acceptable one for your attack on Iraq ? Everything was made up, a lie.

You’re wondering there are terrorists ?
By the way, which war have you won since the 2nd world war ? Korea ? Vietnam ?
Just let me know.
Then there was the news that they have found the passport of one of the attackers. A Syrian passport. Think for a second. You have several simultaneous planned and executed attacks. By suicide killers. They sure know that the police forces will inquire after their attack. Don’t you think they will make it as hard as possible for the police forces to trace them. To find the people behind ? But one of them left his passport. And some used parking tickets from Belgium. This doesn’t make you think a bit ? Maybe you SHOULD find them ?
Sunday afternoon there was the Belgian Secretary of the interior. Who claimed: ‘I will solve the problem in Molenbeek’  (a suburb of Bruxelles, for your info). Sure, very good idea to announce in the radio BEFORE what you will do. So that all the possible criminals could go into hiding Very intelligent.
For sure, the so-called security measures will be enforced. Like after 9/11. Serves not really a lot. Helps to move us closer to what George Orwell described in ‘1984′. Sounds good in the news, for some. Besides that ? Serves not really for security, depending on your definition of security.
It goes on and on: Now we are all French. No, I’m not. My human‘s female is French, he’s German and I’m a half Siamese cat.
I’m mourning with the people of Paris, with the people of Beirut. Those who are dying in Syria, the refugees drowning in the Mediterranean. Those killed by terrorists in Africa.
See you next Monday


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