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Hi there, it’s Monday again. The annoying cat is back.

Last Monday I promised talking about spirituality today. And as you should keep your promises, here we go.

There are two sides of this medal. First humans think animals are not spiritual and second your spirituality in particular.

So, why do humans think animals are not spiritual ? Because your spirituality, the capacity of abstract thinking makes you special, superior. And as you think you are superior animals can not think abstract.

Ever had the idea that you just don’t get animals ? Their way of thinking ? Yes, even way of believing ?

One day one of your researchers tried to find out if animals are capable of abstract thinking. As he didn’t get the results, answers he was looking for, he came to the conclusion: Animals are not capable of abstract thinking. For sure he never asked an animal. And even if he would have never, with his (your!) limited capacity of communication he would have never understood the answer. Ergo, animals are not capable of abstract thinking. What a genius!

Your spirituality, your religious beliefs. For some reasons I have to limit myself to your monotheistic religions.

So, you believe there is a god. An almighty god. Someone who created everything on this planet.

Could be ? But, are you sure ? No, therefore you call it believing . In the Christian way of believing you created an image of this ‘god thing’. A grandfatherly person with a big, grey beard.


Have you ever looked a bit on the history of mankind ? You have constantly war on this planet? Often times war about religious beliefs. Your ‘god being’ doesn’t care, doesn’t intervene. He just lets you kill, in his (or her) name. Yourself and others. Almighty ? During one of your wars (all of your wars !) there are a lot of innocent people killed. What does your almighty god do to stop this nonsense ? Nothing ! So, either he can do nothing. Which equals he isn’t almighty. Or he just doesn’t care. Then he’s a not so friendly and loving person. You might say that those who are not believing in this ‘god being’ deserve their fate. And the casualties on your side deserve their fate too ? And the innocent bystanders ? During several of your wars, there were a lot of people, innocent people who had to suffer. Even had to suffer for just their beliefs. And your ‘god being’ ? Just a spectator role ? Enjoying the show ? Not really friendly, in my opinion.

For me, a simple cat, this means: Either your god isn’t almighty or he just doesn’t care ? You choose which way you prefer.

One of your ‘hobbies’ seems to be killing others for their different beliefs. Again if your god would be almighty and/or interested he would stop this nonsense, but NO. He doesn’t even care that in parts you’ve replaced him (or her) with your replacement god: money, resources. If there would be something like an almighty, loving god don’t you think he would finally stop this

No, you are allowed to go on and on. One of my favourites is from the middle ages One of the ‘employees’ of your church leaders had the balls to claim: “Burn them all. God will sort out his own. “ If your god would be almighty don’t you think he would have stopped this guy. At least of speaking in his name.

Your struggles, your senseless fighting goes on and on Don’t you think your ‘god being’ will by now be fed up with this crap ? Nope, he does nothing and you’re not stopping.

And this is only what you are doing to your own species. How you are treating your environment (plants, animals), I don’t have words for it. Your ‘god being’ is sitting on his throne and watching how you are destroying his creation. Don’t you think that if he were almighty he would do something ?

So, your ‘god being’ either doesn’t exist, isn’t almighty or a little pervert. At least not really a friendly being.

I guess, I have and should say more about this. But before I will start to insult you it might be better to take a break. Nap a bit, calm down a bit.

See you next Monday



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