On writing. (Sorry Mr King, for stealing your title) #amwriting Really ?

This time really about the creative part of it.

I guess the bug bit me when I took the decision to start my blog. The blog was, at first, meant to be only about gardening and vegetarian cooking. The writing bug stayed under the surface, well hidden.

But due to the people I’m following and those who are following me on Twitter. The urge grew stronger and stronger. So why not ?

The idea was planted in the head and, for sure, the doubts arrived. Me, writing something creative ? You must be joking.

When I was still in primary school I had to write essays. And I can still remember one of them. (and I will never forget !). We should write an essay about a dream we had last night. Whatever dream. If it wasn’t the night before then just one we still could remember. I started writing and after the forty-five minutes we had to complete the writing. I was quite satisfied with what I had produced. As usual one week later we received the corrected version with comments from our teacher. Under mine stood: “Orthography close to perfect, idea not that bad. But you seem to walk through life with a tape measure in your hand  That’s not working.”

That was all. No hints what I could or should improve. Just these three lines.

This was haunting me for forty years. For forty years I never had the courage nor even the idea of writing something creative.

Why now ? The doubts are still there and I hope these are somewhat healthy doubts.

Next problem, what should I write about ? If I look at what I’m reading. Not much help.

A private eye in ancient Rome (or another period, middle ages, for example) ? Already existing, both of them. Don’t think I’m capable of writing something that’s as least as good as these two. (M.Didius Falco series by Lindsey Davis or Brother Cadfael by Ellis Peters). A cat as a detective ? Done too (Francis series by Akif Pirinçci)

So what ? Main character will be the cat, I’m quite sure of that. Ausone’s notebook (here on the blog) is at least for now not really creative writing. Nothing of it was invented. Not even his remarks to mankind at the end of his entries.


So what could Ausone do ? Be a philosopher ? A Zen monk ? A reading cat ?

We’ll see…


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