Ausone’s notebook, 3rd instalement, #amwriting

Hi there, it’s Monday. So I’m back. I sincerely hope I do not bore or annoy you with my musings.

Where were we ?

I arrived at my new ‘family. And it looked acceptable.

At that time my human was still living in a small flat in Southern Germany. Every Friday we travelled to Belgium to spend the weekend with his female. It went on for two and a half years with a little bit of unpleasantness included.

I don’t really like to be in a car, at least not for three to four hours.

But this was the only way to have the liberty over the weekend. And liberty means I could leave the house, go hunting or just for a little walk. To get this liberty, every Friday when my human came home from work the same procedure. A little snack for me and then he put me in my travel box, box in the car and off to Belgium. Most of the time I slept in the car but the occasional traffic jam stopped the vibrations. So I woke up and wanted to get out of this travel box. This wasn’t possible for at least another hour, not really a pleasure. When we finally arrived, out of the box, taking care of an ardent longing and spending a bit time in liberty. For sure I returned after one or two hours to eat and sleep in the house. I’m not dumb and know where I get something to eat and a safe and comfortable place to sleep. Sleeping under the stars is nice from time to time. Safe at home is better !

This arrangement went on for two and a half years till my human found a job in Belgium.

I never liked being in a car. I had my share and now it’s enough. Two times a year for the medical (don’t like that either) and that’s it.

Next Monday I tell you how my life went on after I finally settled in Belgium.

And now to my weekly ranting:

Dear humans,

have you already looked at the food that you are offering us ? The different tastes ? If you take a look at the food that you are buying for us.

Thanks, by the way.

You may have realised (I hope at least) that the tastes are for a cat, kind of strange. You’ve ever seen a cat with a cow between his teeth ? Or a pig ?

Could you imagine a cat fishing for a tuna or a salmon ? What are we hunting if we are allowed to ?

hunting cat

Mice, rats, from time to time a small bird, spiders. We don’t hunt pigs. Could you just for a fraction of a second imagine a cat hunting a cow ? Sounds a bit intimidating, no ? So why ?

Now you have something to meditate for a week, see you next Monday

Take care of yourselves


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