A bit different today. In general my photos, as non-professional as they are, are kinda live photos. The same for my recipes. The recipe that you can find on the blog was prepared either the same day or latest the day before. This isn’t possible this time. The recipe for today I’ ve already published (potato chard gratin). Yesterday it was Raclette. I don’t think it’s necessary to publish a recipe for Raclette. It’s just runny cheese poured over potatoes, no recipe necessary for that, I hope.

Reasons that there is no fresh recipe today are quite simple

1.Chard was in the veggie box (recipe see here: https://meatdoesntgrowinmygarden.wordpress.com/2015/09/13/potato-chard-gratin/),

2.Milady is a bit anaemic and needs iron

3. Raclette yesterday was her wish.

So, Swabian food today: Spätzle


Spätzle are pasta, but swabian. The basic recipe is:

-250 g flour

-2 eggs

-a pinch of salt

Mix all the ingredients together and add as a much water as needed to obtain a quite liquid dough. That you could use with this:

Spätzle Presse

Put the dough in the upper part and “grate” it into boiling water (slightly salted).

When the Spätzle remount to the surface they are ready. Put them out of the water and stock them for future utilization.

In star restaurants they don’t use water to add the necessary liquid, they use egg yolk (a lot of). Turns the Spätzle more yellow, slightly orange. The dough could be seasoned with grated nutmeg, herbs,etc. As you like it !

Future utilization could be:

  • serve them with cooked lentils and a dash of apple vinegar (for meat eaters, served with a thin swabian sausage called Saitenwürstle)
  • serve them to whatever roast you have (needs a bit of sauce)
  • just heat them with a bit of butter in a pan, pour a battered egg over it, let it stock
  • prepare Kässpätzle:


a layer of Spätzle, a layer of grated cheese (Allgäuer Bergkäse is best, french or swiss Gruyere, Comté, Emmentaler, etc.) a layer of roasted onions, Spätzle, cheese, onions, and so on.

Traditional way to eat: Bowl in the middle of the table, everyone armoured with a fork. Let’s go !

Bon appètit

Wednesday a “live” recipe, promised !


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