On labelling

In general there are two kinds of labels.


The ones that you can find on everything you buy (electronics, chemicals, food et al.) And the ones we put on ourselves.

The first are necessary and as far as I know an obligation.

Those that we put on ourselves or society pins on us are the ones I’d like to “rant” about.

From our birth on we are labelled and judged by our gender, social background, preferences (sportive, musical, political, sexual), nationality, etc.

When we grow older we are so used to that we do involuntarily auto labelling.

Does this serve us and the society any good ? Do we as individuals really need that ? And if so for which purpose ?

I’m afraid the principal reason for this is that our educations main purpose is to transform us into tools for our economy. The main purpose is not simply ‘being’ but mere functioning. And thus we are educated to become “valuable” tools. By the time we’re’ adults we all have incorporated this kind of thinking. And we are on autopilot.

“If I will be this (whatever) I’ll have to behave like that”

“I have to name what I think, feel, do.”

My answer to these two has to be. No, neither of them. We are all individuals, human beings, more or less complex.

If we put a label on others we start to judge them. While judging we kind of open Pandora’s box. It’s inevitable to compare someone you are judging (Better than me? Worse?) With comparing comes competition. With competition comes the desire to win.

You don’t always have to win. Just being, doing what you are doing without harming someone else is enough.

If we are judging ourselves we are constantly in competition with ourselves, instead of just being.

Don’t get me wrong competition is not per se a bad thing. But we should never forget we don’t have to beat someone or something. Striving to be a better more humane more compassionate self can be a good thing.

If we only compete with ourselves striving to become a better self without forgetting to just be. Just accepting us as we are. Without trying to harm someone or something. Then there’s not something wrong with it.

Let others think of us what they want, we can’t change them. We can only accept them as they are. If we are capable of accepting us as we are we’ve made the first step towards accepting others as they are. And thus a first step to a better, friendly, compassionate, humane society.

And this should be our main goal.

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2 thoughts on “On labelling

  1. Great post! I can totally relate. Recently, I have been labeling my sexuality because I thought that I had to do so. There was kind of an urge. But with the time I realised that it is just because society taught me to label things. It is much more important to be happy with yourself and not concerning about what other think or should think of you.

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  2. Hi,
    at first ‘Thank you very much’ for being the first having commented on my blog, highly appreciated !

    That’s exactly the point, we’re all conditioned from our first steps on. And playing the game is easier than going your own way. With naming personal sexuality I have a problem for the simple fact that it’s private, nothing but private. Something between you (me) and your (my) partner. No one else’s business
    Thanks again for commenting


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